ICT & information security abbreviations glossary

ADSL : Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AES : Advanced Encryption Standard
ANPR : Automatic Number Plate Recognition
ASCII : American Standard Code for Information Interchange

B2B : Business-to-Business
BIOS : Basic Input/Output System
BYOD : Bring Your Own Device

CAPTCHA : Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
CMS : Content Management System
CPU : Central Processing Unit
CRM : Customer Relationship Management
CRUD : Create Read Update Delete
CSAM : Common Secure Access Management system

DDoS : Distributed Denial of Service
DES: Data Encryption Standard
DLL : Dynamic Link Library
DNS : Domain Name System

E2EE : End-to-End Encryption
EDA : Event-Driven Architecture
eIDAS : electronic IDentities And trust Services
ESB : Enterprise Service Bus

FAS : Federal Authentication Service
FTP : File Transfer Protocol

GUI : Graphical User Interface

HSM : Hardware Security Module
HTML : HyperText Markup Language
HTTP/HTTPS : HyperText Tansfer Protocol / HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure

IaaS : Infrastructure as a Service
IoT : Internet of Things
ISO : International Organization for Standardization
ISP : Internet Service Provider

J2EE : Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
JSON : JavaScript Object Notation

LAN : Local Area Network

NFC : Near-Field Communication
NLP : Natural Language Processing

OAuth : Open Authorization
OCR : Optical Character Recognition
OLAP : OnLine Analytical Processing
OSI model : Open Systems Interconnection model

P2P : Peer-to-Peer
PaaS : Platform as a Service
PDF : Portable Document Format
PIXEL : PIcture ELement

QR code : Quick Response code

REST : REpresentational State Transfer
RFID : Radio-Frequency IDentification
RSA : Rivest Shamir Adleman

SaaS : Software as a Service
SAN : Storage Area Network
SDG : Single Digital Gateway
SHA : Secure Hash Algorithm
SOA : Service Oriented Architecture
SOAP : Simple Object Access Protocol 
SQL : Structured Query Language
SSD : Solid-State Drive

TCP/IP : Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

URL : Uniform Resource Locator
USB : Universal Serial Bus
UX : User eXperience

VM : Virtual Machine
VPN : Virtual Private Network

WAN : Wide Area Network
WAP : Wireless Application Protocol
Wi-Fi : Wireless Fidelity
WLAN : Wireless Local Area Network
WS: Web Service
WSDL: Web Service Description Language

XACML : eXtensible Access Control Markup Language
XML : eXtensible Markup Language