Public mandate overview

My public mandate overview of the year 2021 shows 16 mandates. 3 mandates have since been terminated:

I here clarify the structure of the remaining 13 mandates.

Mandates resulting from my professional positions

11 mandates directly result from my professional positions at the Crossroads Bank for Social Security (CBSS) and at Smals vzw.

My position of general manager at the Crossroads Bank for Social Security, (automatically) implies, without any additional compensation,

I have been designated by the board of directors of Smals vzw as managing director of this not-for-profit ICT association of public social security and health institutions.

Mandates with regard to social commitment

The other 2 mandates concern social commitment. I perform the social commitment activities during my free time and without any additional compensation. In order to be transparent about  the time investment of my social commitment on top of my daily professional activities, I provide an overview of this.

Member of the board of directors of Familiehulp (including its suborganisations De Speelbomen, De Speelboom, Familiehulp PIT Dienstverlening & Goed Wonen)

10 meetings per year from 18:00 to 21:00

Member of the advisory board of Passwerk

3 meetings per year from 12:15 to 13:45