I am Frank Robben, a Belgian computer scientist, lawyer, civil servant and lecturer.

I am a strong proponent and advocate of the free reuse of ICT services and components, and the development of an API-economy.

You’ll find here an overview of my activities, some posts, my publication list, interesting links and an archive of press articles and documents I want to share with you, as well as a list of upcoming lectures. Some web pages are also available in Dutch () and/or French (). Enjoy consulting this website and please contact me if I can help you.

“La grandeur d’un métier est peut-être, avant tout, d’unir des hommes” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


Some selected lectures

ReUse and collaboration for better eGov services

Proper digitisation as a critical success factor for effective and efficient social protection

Strategic use of ICT in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic






Big data analysis in health care and the GDPR

Protection of fundamental rights at the introduction of a digital ‘smart society’

Blockchain in the public sector







Application for a lecture

Application for a lecture